v. t.1.To lop; to prune.
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Tenders are invited for Installation of Pipeline at ward no 12 Lingadahalli Road infront of Siddappana Shop to Banashankari Gas Agencies and ward no 11 Maruthi street Chikkakere water tank old snathe maidan in Tarikere town
While this is certainly a regionwide issue, Rj Singh, managing director of construction skills training company Snathe Group, which has training facilities in India, the UAE and Qatar, says that some GCC countries will fare better than others in the coming scrap for human resources.
Unsurprisingly, Snathe Group's Singh is keen to address some of the issues raised by Kumar's criticism of specialised training centres.
The training offered by Snathe Group has a focus on the proper management of labour rather than simply the teaching of skills to labourers.
Snathe Group, which also trains labour for civil operations, has developed a tailored approach to MEP training due to the peculiar challenges which workers in the industry must face.
1/3 Average reduction in labour Snathe Group claims its methodology achieves
Here SED records: snathe 'to remove by lopping', lop 'a flea', brough 'a halo', mawk 'a maggot', maw 'a gull', sile, and also lug and mug (see Map III).
One such enterprise attempting to transform the regional industry's labour profile is the Snathe Group.
We came over to the Gulf about four or five years ago to get involved in contracting just before the recession hit," says Snathe Group MD Raaj Singh.
To stem the flow of cash lost through under-skilled labour, Snathe decided to take decisive action and fly in trainers from its UK training scheme, who were of Indian descent, and capable of teaching the workers the skills they needed.
Buoyed by its initial success, Snathe even took on labourers who had returned to India from the Gulf due to their severe lack of skills and inability to retain employment.
Confident of its product, Snathe began marketing these trainees to companies in the GCC, and the response since has been very positive.