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(ˈsni kərˌnɛt)
Facetious. the transfer of electronic information by carrying the storage medium, esp. a floppy disk, from one computer to another.
[1985–90, Amer.]
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Early viruses targeted primarily the operating system and were spread by the 'sneaker net. Macro viruses took advantage of users sharing files.
This makes it possible to work via 'sneaker net' and in a classroom behind a firewall."
"The use of CSS SATCOM--which includes CAISI and CSS VSAT--saves Soldiers' lives by eliminating 'Sneaker Net'--the need for Soldiers to get in convoys and go in harm's way to place requisitions or deliver other logistics data," said LTC Edmonds.
This has been field-tested as a tool for making medical logistics work when the TAMMIS (Theater Army Medical Management Information System)/DMLSS (Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support) Customer Assistance Module (TCAM) fails and the "sneaker net" (hand-carrying logistics information on diskette from one computer system to another) is too slow.
If the school board wanted to know, say, how many fifth-graders were reading at level, officials would have to go to each school, perform a "sneaker net" and manually compare the results.
The simplest options, collectively dubbed "sneaker net," involve copying files onto floppy or Zip disks, Jazz portable hard disks, backup tapes, or writable CD or DVD discs and then walking them from one PC to the next.
You have many options, the simplest of which are collectively dubbed "sneaker net" and involve copying files onto floppy or Zip disks, Jaz portable hard disks, backup tapes, or writable CD or DVD discs and then walking them from one computer to the other.
By using the power of the Web, the DoD is eliminating the current "sneaker net" system, which requires disks to be physically passed (or "walked") from one link in the supply chain to another.
Commonly called a "sneaker net," this is one of the most inefficient ways of sharing information between PCs (the other would be osmosis).
The alternative is to use what's called the sneaker net - where users (presumably wearing sneakers) dash from computer to computer exchanging data on floppy disks.
More often than not, the company used to revert to "sneaker net" and courier service.
He said Soldiers' demand for CSS VSATs continues to increase because it allows users to share documents, pass requisitions, collaborate and conduct meetings online and make voice-over-internet-protocol telephone calls--all without moving from their location, thus eliminating "sneaker net," the often-dangerous need to get in a convoy to hand-carry re-supply or spare parts orders on floppy disks.