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(ˈsni kərˌnɛt)
Facetious. the transfer of electronic information by carrying the storage medium, esp. a floppy disk, from one computer to another.
[1985–90, Amer.]
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Before the proliferation of the internet, PC data was physically transferred from one machine to another by a floppy disk over a "sneakernet," a network in which data traveled by way of sneaker shoes.
Unlike FTP sites, file-hosting services, and "sneakernet" workarounds such as hard drives or thumb drives, Digital Media Hub gives broadcasters administration and permissioning capabilities, while stakeholders get immediate access to broadcast-quality content; enhanced, searchable metadata; preview capabilities; and accelerated, one-click downloading all from one location.
However, they immediately understand the principle when they need it to work for seeking second opinions on diagnostics, getting referrals to specialists outside their usual physician network, or when they are shopping around for lower cost imaging tests at stand-alone imaging centers--especially when they can't access an image or have to "sneakernet" CDs from one provider to another.
In constrained geographic areas this process can occur over what can best be described as the "SneakerNet," which describes the ability for complex organizational structures to be built up through direct personal contact facilitated by for example, walking or driving.
Rather than transfer these files over the office LAN, an engineer can return to "sneakernet," but instead of carrying 3.5-in., 1.44-MB diskettes, carry a 3.5-i6., multi-terabyte hard drive and plug that into the workstation.
The exchange between one tool and the next depends on the attention of human beings using paper, sticky notes, emails, spreadsheets, and sneakernet (physically carrying information from one station to another).
Many of the hospitals agreed, however, that physically transporting the tapes in a "SneakerNet" configuration was inconvenient, and potentially dangerous.
File transfer protocol (FTP), network file systems (NFS), screen-scraping or "sneakernet" are all techniques that IT organizations have adapted to extract data from the mainframe for use on the desktop.
However, as internal innovators and leaders start tapping into the power of their new set of tools, the "sneakernet," or word of mouth among employees, will make the success of your knowledge collaboration efforts gain an unstoppable momentum.
Faced with cross-campus, sneakernet commutes to the 2,000-square-foot data center that houses 62 mission-critical, 24x7 servers, Edwards knew there was a better way.