Snellen chart

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Snel·len chart

A chart for testing visual acuity, usually consisting of letters, numbers, or pictures printed in lines of decreasing size that a patient identifies from a fixed distance.

[After Herman Snellen (1834-1908), Dutch ophthalmologist.]
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Noun1.Snellen chart - display consisting of a printed card with letters and numbers in lines of decreasing size; used to test visual acuity
display, presentation - a visual representation of something
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A similar approach could be applied in practice by asking patients to view an engaging scene in the consulting room, rather than just viewing a Snellen chart, to assess vision quality with and without their astigmatic correction.
Before Spot, we would occasionally attempt to do screenings with the Snellen chart, but we'd only screen kids ages 3 and 4 years at the youngest," he said.
Vision should be tested using a Snellen chart in suspected corneal ulcer.
9) The course covered social interaction, basic anatomy, physiology, optics, data collection and VA screening using an Illiterate E Snellen Chart.
The participants' best-corrected distance acuity was measured using a rear-illuminated Snellen chart at 6 meters (about 20 feet, or closer if the participant was not able to read the 6/60 optotype) and converted to LogMAR notation for the purposes of analysis.
At the medical examination he was asked to read the Snellen Chart to test his visual capability.
Horizontal and vertical heterophoria and the stimulus AC/A ratio were determined in the phoropter using the von Graefe method and a 6 x 6 matrix of 20/20 letters on the clinical, near, reduced Snellen chart [27].
Testing of visual acuity using the Snellen Chart (the standard eye chart used by eye care professionals to measure visual acuity) showed a significant improvement from baseline 14/20 to 17/20 after two months of treatment with Pycnogenol.
Her vision was checked with the Snellen chart after each treatment, and after the sixth treatment, she was able to read the 20/50 line.