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v. i.1.To snow; to abound.
It snewed in his house of meat and drink.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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KOP Kenny Dalglish with signings Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Alexander Doni and Stewart Downing sNEW
101v) and "Yf S(t) Paul daye be [f]ear and clear then shal be tide An I happe year And yf yt chanc to snew o(r) rayn the(n) shalbe I dear all kind of grayn And yf the cloudes mak dark the" (fol.
You can read more about the FDA's new commitment at snew.html.
sNew scents and novel application or delivery systems for the coming months aim to to satisfy a public that is regaining some of its former verve.
sNEW Channel 4 series, Mirrorball, features hip video directors like Jonas Akerlund, responsible for Madonna's Ray of Light and The Prodigy, Bjork favourite Michael Gondry, Spike Jonez, Jonathan Glazer of Radiohead and UNKLE fame, and the controversial Chris Cunningham.
UFFERERS of poorer circulation, diabetes and Snew lease of life after using a revolutionary device in the home.
Sharna 'snew baby daughter Rhkiya-Mae, a name thought of by her father, Grant Adams
MANIN TOWN Pellegrini (right) can lean on his assistant Brian Kidd for local knowledge sNEW
I driv all the way to Yarmouth and on the way back that snew suffun savidge.