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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a telescope with crosshairs mounted on a sniper's rifle


(ˈsnaɪ pərˌskoʊp)

a snooperscope designed for attaching to a rifle or carbine.
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In February, the infrared Sniperscope was developed for the .
Z0105P AN/PVS-26: Commanders/units Commander (directs Sight night are not aware they PBO to generate a vision can count the lateral transfer (DA sniperscope AN/PVS-26 night Corm 3161) in PBUSE, vision sniper scope to -sub-UN Z0F059 as a valid ILO sniper under LIN S90433 and sight for the vice versa.
Plain in the sniperscope little more than flesh less than completely skeletal a silhouette defiantly heads across no man's land when a missile less than an inch blows a hole in his chest and like a dead leaf he crumbles in a spiral.
THRUSH had an equally impressive range of weaponry, much of it only in development before being destroyed by our heroes; their most notable item was the infrared sniperscope, enabling them to target gunfire in total darkness.
I was carrying the sniperscope on this patrol and Ed had a heavy 300 wireless set on his back.