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a.1.Running at the nose; sniveling pitiful; whining.
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Margaret Snively is a Catholic parent in Santa Fe and one of only a few parents to publicly criticize the school district on its religious policies.
however, that two miners named Conner and Snively came upon galena ore that they assumed was pure silver.
Snively, "Global Lessons From the Traditional Science of Long-Resident Peoples," Thinking Globally About Mathematics and Science Education, G.
Rashid Khalifa, the storyteller in Salman Rushdie's novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories (1990), loses his wonderful ability to make up and tell stories when his wife Sorya leaves him for the snively Mr.
Snively, president of the New Jersey Bar Association, he wrote on October 3, 1956, "I am very happy to have had some small part in telling the AG just what I think about my colleague."(67) To Frank Morley, a Minneapolis lawyer, Vanderbilt wrote on October 5, 1956, "I regard him as an extraordinarily able judge.
For more information call Ethan Snively at 542-7351.
The Lancaster City Alliance has partnered with the give every year since its inception and Alliance President Marshall Snively said the energy it creates for philanthropy in the county is unrivaled.
Treasury and RBNZ will jointly carry out the Phase 2 work, in conjunction with the Independent Expert Advisory Panel chaired by Suzanne Snively. The panel will provide separate advice to the Minister as appropriate.
Suzanne Snively, chair of Transparency International New Zealand, believes New Zealand did not make it to the top this year, 2014, since it failed to ratify the UN Convention Against Corruption.
Desde el punto de vista cultural, se busca hacer una comparacion entre las ideas de los estudiantes (en particular sus ideas de naturaleza) y las cientificas, a partir de estudios de traspaso de fronteras: cross cultural y border crossing (Aikenhead, 1996; 2001a; 2001b; Aikenhead & Jegede, 1999; Aldridge & Fraser, 2000; Bishop & Bharat, 2007; Cobern & Loving, 2000; 2001; Cobern, 1991; 1994a; 1994b; 1996a; 1996b; Fleer, 1997; Lee, 1999; 2003; Riggs, 2004; Liu, 2005; Snively & Corsiglia, 2001).
rex, but our engineering analyses show that they were very different predators," said Ohio University paleontologist Eric Snively, lead author of the new study.