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also Snow Belt  (snō′bĕlt′)
The northern and northeast United States.


(Physical Geography) US and Canadian an area of a country, state, etc where heavy falls of snow are common


or Snow′ Belt`,

the northern parts of the U.S. that are subject to considerable snowfall.
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SNOW REMOVAL: If you live in the Snow Belt, using a compact tractor to clear snow and keep roads open makes sense and can save you time and money.
The other galling thing is that there is nothing wrong with New Era Field other than it being located in a prodigious snow belt and a half-hour farther away from Rochester than it should be.
The millennial population is growing fastest in metro areas in the Sun Belt and western states, and slowest in the Snow Belt. Topping the list of the ( fastest-growing metropolitan areas for millennials  are Colorado Springs, San Antonio, Denver and Orlando.
Our hotel, the Derby, was just yards from the station where trains from the valley link with the mountain services all the way to the famous Jungfraujoch, Europe's highest railway station, in the permanent snow belt 11,000 feet up.
Overall, the population movement of Taiwanese Americans between 2000 and 2010 was from the Snow Belt in the Northeast and Midwest to the Sun Belt in the South and West (fig.
Sand Ridge Golf Club, a Tom Fazio-designed 18 hole private golf course, sits in a region of the country known for its maple syrup and within the primary snow belt of northeastern Ohio on 359 acres in the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
It wasn't just the typical northern snow belt states that felt winter's wrath.
As a practicing farrier, having worked in the "snow belt" regions of northwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, I have witnessed the incredible resilience of horses when faced with those wicked, bone-chilling temperatures.
Back in those days--the late '60s--there was no late deer season, and frankly, there weren't many deer in the Lake Superior snow belt. Shooting at a tree top was safe because there wasn't anyone else in the woods.
The service includes dropping snow from roofs, icicles precipitation, icing and removal of overhanging snow belt podrynnowego and cornices, gutters Pip, the removal of snow and icicles is stranded with sidewalks (cleaning, waste).
The Bills' worth is pegged at $870 million by Forbes, but it seems the new owner will pay a lot more for this losing team because it still makes a lot of money and, let's face it, the new owner will join an elite group of millionaires who mostly enjoy the notoriety that comes with the ownership of a professional sports team, even a losing one in the snow belt.