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a.1.Destitute of snow.
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Blizzards and "life threatening" conditions in normally snowless areas of Britain, where there is also a developing natural gas shortage.
Japanese netizens are buzzing about the currently snowless peak of the country's tallest mountain, Mt.
A few minutes later, the camera follows Vin Diesel as he dirt-skis down a snowless hillside in order to connect Dominican fisherman with a pirated feed of the World Cup.
2 billion in the next three months, a 6 percent increase from last year's snowless winter.
Whether it's a drought in California, or snowless winter in Alaska, the weather may not always cooperate.
On the final, often snowless, ridge crossing to Stromness, we usually cheat and offload the pulks onto one of Skip's polar vessels in Fortuna Bay.
5% per decade for the snowless part of the year in 1988-2000 at Belsk, Poland; Lindfors and Vuilleumier (2005) noted a linear upward trend of erythemal UV yearly doses in 1979-1999 at Davos, Switzerland.
On the other hand villagers turned the snowless winter into an opportunity.
37) An almost snowless winter stretched from 2 November to 13 March with the post journal recording no more than eleven days of snow, and frequently noting high gale and "blowing moderately" winds.
Despite the relative success of this season, ski resort operators are not about to forget last year's almost snowless experience, and have developed contingency plans should similar conditions be repeated.