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And in an oft-run campaign ad, he rode a snowmachine in the Arctic and spoke about fighting President Barack Obama's administration to help secure offshore drilling permits.
"Tripp is always surrounded by adults - around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies.
Eastham, the court held that when a public prescriptive easement was established for snowmachine use, other types of users-such as hunters and berry-pickers-could not use the easement without independently satisfying the public prescriptive easement requirements.
Other pictures capture her embracing her husband at the end of a gruelling snowmachine race and as a toddler armed with two giant shrimps.
I think one should be issued for him".Todd Palin, an oil-rig worker and championship snowmachine racer, attends meetings at the governor's office and is copied in on emails concerning state business despite holding no official position.
"I know people who have attempted it by dogsledor snowmachine but never on foot, and 99.9% of them would have called it quits.
Mr Smith and his wife Lisa turned their home into a winter wonderland complete with a snowmachine, ice sculptures and dodgems.
People like Mike and Pam Nickols, who moved into a once-derelict cabin in the Talkeetna Mountains, 22 miles from the nearest town and accessible only by float plane or snowmachine.
: Le terme << motoneige >> est ici un peu restrictif, l'auteur utilisant le terme << snowmachine >> qui est plus large et sous-entend d'autres types de vehicules a chenilles adaptes a la neige.
ANILCA articulates a clear relationship between snowmobile use and other activities: In the Old Park, snowmachine use must be instrumental; it is a means for pursuing other activities, not an end in itself.
snowmachine use in Denali and other conservation lands in Alaska, ANILCA
York Factory--a national historic site now accessible only by chartered aircraft, snowmachine or canoe--was the hub of the Hudson's Bay Company's Northern Department.