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Noun1.Sapindus - type genus of the Sapindaceae
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Sapindaceae, Sapindaceae, soapberry family - chiefly tropical New and Old World deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs bearing leathery drupes with yellow translucent flesh; most plants produce toxic saponins
soapberry, soapberry tree - a tree of the genus Sapindus whose fruit is rich in saponin
Sapindus drumondii, Sapindus marginatus, wild China tree - deciduous tree of southwestern United States having pulpy fruit containing saponin
China tree, chinaberry, false dogwood, jaboncillo, Sapindus saponaria - evergreen of tropical America having pulpy fruit containing saponin which was used as soap by Native Americans
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Tenders are invited for Lease right to collect and remove Cashew nut and Soap nut produce from Sriharikota Forest areas except PSLV, SLP, SPP & SPROB complex and Nursery areas in SDSC SHAR Campus.
The long unnoticed soap nut is nothing but 100% natural and has a plethora of uses.
As the soap nut enthusiast in the previous letter suggested, an Internet search will locate a variety of cleaning cloth products and we leave it to our readers to compare their merits.
100ppm avenanthramides; (-)alpha-Bisabolol is a 100% natural antiirritant derived from sustainable sources; SymRelief (INCI: Bisabolol, zingiber officinale (ginger) root extract), is a 100% natural, cost-effective anti-irritant mixture of sustainable Bisabolol and organic ginger; Neo Actipone Soap Nut Shell (INCI: Sapindos mukorossi peel extract) is a 100% natural detergent; and Dracorin CE (INCI: Glyceryl stearate citrate), a vegetable-based emulsifier for creams and Dracorin GOC (INCI: Glyceryl oleate citrate, caprylic/capric triglyceride) is a vegetable-based emulsifier for lotions (cold and hot emulsification).
One Set Is Consisting Of 03 Item 1 Rubber Tube Product Code Wpo18 14 Qty - 1 No 2 Rubber Insert Product Code Wpo 18 13 Qty - 1 No 3 Soap Nut Product Code Wpo 18 12 Qty - 1 No.
Environmental aspects : The project comprises the establishment and rehabilitation of mixed Chinese fir and Sapindus (soap nut tree) forests.
But I'm not so keen to put myself out for others by buying only local fruit, using environmentally friendly wrapping for food, opting for the likes of soap nuts for the washing machine as well as walking more or advocating for better public transport in these rural areas in which we live.
Because they're 100 percent biodegradable and don't contain the toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products, soap nuts are a perfect option for greywater systems.
Docking and Evans, who married after meeting on the set of the Welsh soap Nuts & Bolts back in the early 2000s, have certainly notched up an impressive soapland CV after spending their time behind the cameras on well-established shows like Coronation Street and Crossroads.
I've also purchased my first bag of soap nuts. Soap nuts grow on trees and can be used in place of laundry detergent, shampoo (for you and pets), household and car cleaners, and can even be sprayed on the garden to keep parasites away.
Soap Nuts are the pure dried fruit from the Chinese Soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi).