Christian Socialism

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1.Any theory or system that aims to combine the teachings of Christ with the teachings of socialism in their applications to life; Christianized socialism; esp., the principles of this nature advocated by F. D. Maurice, Charles Kingsley, and others in England about 1850.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The best examples of rightist parties are the Conservative Party of Britain, the Republican Party of the US and the Christian Democratic Union Party in alliance with the Social Christian Union Party (CDU/CSU) of Germany.
The social democratic Partido Liberacion Nacional (National Liberation Party, PLN)--formed by the winners of the armed struggle that led to the Second Republic--and its historic rival, the Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (Social Christian Unity Party, PUSC), were both losers.
The vote opposing a continuation of Alianza Pais' 10 years in power was split between several candidates in the opening round, including conservative Cynthia Viteri of the Social Christian Party, who picked up 16.17 percent of the vote.
Congressman Andre Moura of the conservative Social Christian Party is also being investigated for alleged involvement in the corruption-kickback scheme at state-owned oil company Petrobras.
According to his entourage, his candidacy "will be submitted by his party, the CSV (Social Christian Party), with the support of two other EPP member parties in the coming days".
The Social Christian Unity Party (Unidad) took six seats and the Accessibility Without Exclusion Party earned four.
seeks to appeal to what is 'best,' to the 'constructive' aspect which exists in each human individual, and to give contemporary expression to the ideals of social Christian personalism." Christian personalism is described by Cormac Burke, a Catholic priest and scholar, as: "a view of man which places emphasis on his dignity as a son of God....
The delegation includes parliament members representing the Democratic Christian Union, Social Christian Union and the Liberal Democrats parties as well as the Greens Alliance and the Socialist and Leftist parties.
Jaime Nebot, the leader of the opposition Social Christian party and the mayor of Guayaquil, has criticised the constitutional changes, which he says would create a centralised form of government that would threaten private property.
Finally, the other positive aspect of the 1948 election result was that DeGasperi and the leadership cadre of the DC were, in effect, social Christian Democrats, who may not have introduced reforms immediately but did do so over a reasonable period of time (i.e., between 1950 and 1970).
King, or course, was a profoundly religious thinker whose actions were rooted in a social Christian theology.