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Noun1.Apidae - honeybeesApidae - honeybees; carpenter bees; bumblebees
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Apis, genus Apis - type genus of the Apidae: honeybees
genus Xylocopa, Xylocopa - carpenter bees
Bombus, genus Bombus - bumblebees
genus Psithyrus, Psithyrus - a large bee that resembles the bumblebee but lacks pollen-collecting apparatus and a worker caste
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Washington, Mar 24 (ANI): Social bee queens- like those in the tropical sweat bee species, Megalopta genalis in Panama-have bigger brain region responsible for learning and memory than in solitary queens, according to scientists.
In context-dependent social interactions, it has been recognized that an individual female of a solitary bee species is able to recognize conspecifics and modify her behavior in accordance (Wcislo 1997); similar capacities are known from solitary wasp studies (Pfennig & Reeve 1989), and from individuals of social bee species (Michener and Smith 1987).
The bionomics of a primitive social bee, Lasioglossum inconspicum.
The study is the first systematic test of job skills in a social bee or wasp, says Raghavendra Gadagkar of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.
In addition, among their 200 species the euglossines do not include a single advanced social bee, in contrast to the other corbiculate Apinae - the honey bees, bumblebees, and stingless bees - all of which form colonies with a queen, workers, and stored honey and pollen (Roubik 1989).
With the antennae, the social bees tended to have a greater density of sensilla, the tiny hairs on their antennae that do the heavy lifting in communicating with others.
WALES SQUAD: E KEAR, R WILLIAMS, C ROETS, R GRACE, C DAVIES, O OLDS, G DUDSON, L WHITE, C KOPCZAK (CAPTAIN), R LLOYD, L REECE, P JOSEPH, S PARRY, J BURKE, J EMMITT, A WALKER, A GAY, M FOZZARD, M EVANS SKITTLES Whitchurch & District Skittles League Premier Division Wolfs Castle 304, Buffaloes 271; TA Mugs 247, Novices 253; Toby Jugs 235, Black Army 243; Black Knights 270, Caerphilly Social Bees 264; Rebels 256, Llanharan Rugby Club 264.
Social bees are more sensitive to perceived threats in order to protect brood and food resources in the hive.