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shy 1

adj. shi·er (shī′ər), shi·est (shī′ĭst) or shy·er or shy·est
1. Easily startled; timid: a shy deer.
a. Tending to avoid contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved: a shy student who stayed in the back of the room.
b. Characterized by reserve or diffidence: a shy glance.
3. Distrustful; wary: shy of strangers.
4. Not having a sufficient or specified amount, as of money: was shy $100 on his rent; was two victories shy of the school record.
intr.v. shied (shīd), shy·ing, shies (shīz)
1. To move suddenly or draw back, as if startled or afraid: The horse shied at the loud sound.
2. To avoid engaging in, treating, or discussing something: "a film adaptation that would not shy away from the novel's controversial themes" (Scot French).
n. pl. shies (shīz)
A sudden movement, as from fright; a start.

[Middle English schey, from Old English scēoh.]

shy′er n.
shy′ly adv.
shy′ness n.

shy 2

v. shied (shīd), shy·ing, shies (shīz)
To throw (something) with a swift motion; fling.
To throw something with a swift motion.
n. pl. shies (shīz)
1. A quick throw; a fling.
2. Informal A gibe; a sneer.
3. Informal An attempt; a try.

[Perhaps from shy.]




  1. Bashful as an egg at Easter —Sir John Denham

    This has expanded with the seasons to include “Bashful as a turkey at Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

  2. Demure as an African violet —Maya Angelou
  3. Demure as an old whore at a christening —Thomas Fuller
  4. Demure as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth —Thomas Fuller
  5. Shy as a squirrel —George Meredith
  6. Shy as infants —Alice McDermott
  7. Shy as rabbits —Anon
  8. Shy, like a hospitable country hostess anxious to give pleasure, but afraid that she has not much to offer citizens of a larger world —Phyllis Bottome
  9. A shy man men is as a lonely man … between him and his fellowmen there runs an impossible barrier … a strong invisible wall —Jerome K. Jerome
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Noun1.shyness - a feeling of fear of embarrassmentshyness - a feeling of fear of embarrassment  
timidity, timidness, timorousness - fear of the unknown or unfamiliar or fear of making decisions



An awkwardness or lack of self-confidence in the presence of others:


[ˈʃaɪnɪs] N [of person, smile] → timidez f; [of animal] → lo asustadizo


[ˈʃaɪnɪs] ntimidité f


nSchüchternheit f; (esp of animals) → Scheu f; his shyness at meeting peopleseine Schüchternheit, wenn er andere Leute kennenlernt; her shyness of strangersihre Scheu vor Fremden


[ˈʃaɪnɪs] ntimidezza


(ʃai) comparative ˈshyer or ˈshier: superlative ˈshyest or ˈshiest adjective
1. lacking confidence in the presence of others, especially strangers; not wanting to attract attention. She is too shy to go to parties.
2. drawing back from (an action, person etc). She is shy of strangers.
3. (of a wild animal) easily frightened; timid. Deer are very shy animals.
(of a horse) to jump or turn suddenly aside in fear. The horse shied at the strangers.
ˈshyly adverb
ˈshyness noun


n timidez f, retraimiento
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However, those lone wolves or born introverts who normally prefer to stay away from the rest owing to social shyness still cannot find workable ways to avoid hosting those repeatedly-appearing creatures visiting one's home alone or in droves.
Parents don't need help because they know exactly how to deal with their child, but they need support and understanding from people around so that they feel comfortable going out anywhere in society." While accepting that the understanding of the condition has evolved in recent years, Baker says, "We started more than 10 years back when there was social shyness - families wouldn't venture out as they feel embarrassed to have a child behaving that way.
I literally decided as a high school student that I needed to get over my social shyness in order to have any hope of having a career path in the future, and so I consciously and deliberately set about putting myself in positions where I had to learn how to speak to people."

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