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Noun1.socialising - the act of meeting for social purposessocialising - the act of meeting for social purposes; "there was too much socialization with the enlisted men"
coming together, meeting - the social act of assembling for some common purpose; "his meeting with the salesmen was the high point of his day"
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Designed with socialising in mind, the allotment has several seating areas, from a gazebo for small groups to sit in the shade, to areas of green space to set up picnic blankets where there's an ethos of relaxation and interaction.
a feasting, socialising celebration of a to lighter days Today, only a small proportion of the population worship in church or chapel, even at Christmas.
Participants are encouraged to run, jog or walk the course, with an emphasis on socialising and getting active, rather than racing against other runners.
The dynamic duo exemplifies true pleasure by socialising in an exotic location surrounded by the fine things in life.
However, I found it really difficult missing out on going to the pub and socialising with my friends.
The figures also suggest the gap between how long each sex spends on recreation, hobbies and socialising has widened since the turn of the century.
Socialising piglets before weaning improves social hierarchy formation when pigs are co-mingled post-weaning.
With a choice of environments for studying, collaborative work and socialising, the facility will enhance the opportunity for developing life skills and gaining first-hand careers guidance, with offices dedicated to careers and higher education.
A THIRD of Britons will sacrifice socialising and grocery shopping to pay for their mortgage, a new survey has revealed.
"I'm an absolute vitamins freak so I would say spend a bit on vitamins." - Chris Smith, 24, a door staff worker, from Middlesbrough "Socialising more would help older people to stay young." - Emma Harvey, 27, unemployed, from Middlesbrough "I would say socialising as much as possible will keep you young." - Stefanja Dodds, 19, a call centre worker, from Middlesbrough "Maybe if you walk more and do whatever exercise you can you will stay young." - Lewis Welsh, 21, a retail worker, from Eston "Good nutrition and regular exercise will help to keep people young." - Callum Coakley, 19, a trainee fitness instructor, from Middlesbrough I have heard if you do something that shocks you every day, it makes you live longer." - Ashleigh Carling, 21, a retail worker, from Linthorpe
Not having any proper, constructive pastimes - like potholing or basket-weaving - most of us would lamely write "socialising", as if loitering in pubs with your mates counted as a worthwhile and character-building leisure pursuit.