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n.1.The quality or state of being social.
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According to the proposed hermeneutic, these could be read that the three ontological proprieties of human being--biology, socialness and cognitive--, exists by themselves distinct in number, but not distinct in humanness.
The socialness of social media adds a layer to the construction of fake news, in that the power of fake news lies on [sic] how well it can penetrate social spheres.
we will work with the issues of physical activity, food, socialness, relationships..." E3 "I've heard about users who talked about quality of life, whose lives have improved, they are not stuck on the bus anymore." Actors Economic E1 "...
To that end, it suggests two important contributions: (1) a connection between out-of-school social media practices with in-school traditional citizenship curricula, organizations, and models of community change; (2) it seeks to leverage the affordances of social media (i.e., its very socialness) to suggest a model that validates, and perhaps even prioritizes, the social values and identities of young people as they develop citizenship practices.
In fact, the only categories of the personality that were noted to change drastically with infoxication were gregariousness (socialness), assertiveness, and levels of activity.
Codes, Chronotypes, and Everyday Objects." In The Socialness of Things: Essays on the Socio-semiotics of Objects, edited by S.H.
It celebrates self-expression, glamour, freedom and socialness through three-dimensional printing and the application of loud, impactful colors.

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