a.1.Of or pertaining to society; social.
The all-sweeping besom of societarian reformation.
- Lamb.
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The "Complaint" begins with a proemium in which Elia paraphrases the Society's goal: "The all-sweeping besom of societarian reformation--your only modern Alcides' club to rid the time of its abuses--is uplift with many-handed sway to extirpate the last fluttering tatters of the bugbear Mendicity from the metropolis" (Elia 262).
The common good becomes a responsibility not only of individuals and of the state, but also--in a completely new way--of the intermediate social bodies (which I prefer to call civil societarian networks) (8) now playing a fundamental role in mediating the processes by which the common good is created.
The term civil societarian can be explained in the following way.

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