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Fisher (1897, 1911 a) drew attention to the 'equation of societary circulation' in Simon Newcomb's Principles of Political Economy (1885, Chapter XV), dedicating The Purchasing Power of Money 'To the memory of Simon Newcomb, great scientist, inspiring friend, pioneer in the study of "societary circulation"'.
In "Societary Theories," also published in an issue of the American Review in 1848, J.
In "Societary Theories," McMaster explicitly conflates female independence with adulterous sexual passion.
For it has transpired, on the face of it, that Wilde's understanding of utopia corresponds to the standard definition of 'societary speculations' in the nineteenth century.
In reinterpreting Wilde's 'societary speculations', a dialectical utopianism--one that recognises the nonsynchronous quality of the present, the fact that, potentially at least, it conceals traces of a quite different future--must finally replace the double image of Utopia that I earlier identified as a picture-postcard definition.
52) addressed was "How the form and inner life of a societary group are determined by the numerical relationship of the same." He felt that groups subdivide and "numerical equality constitutes the firm principle of the division - though it never decides alone, but merely plays a role varying from the greatest to the least importance."
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