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a chart or diagram that plots social interrelationships


(ˈsoʊ si əˌgræm, ˈsoʊ ʃi-)

a sociometric diagram representing the pattern of relationships in a group.
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Intriguingly, however, many organizations (positioned on the right-hand side of the sociogram) have no elite ties to the country's largest financial corporations, nor to the hegemonic policy-planning/advocacy institutions.
To gain insights about the meaning of the structure, we arranged actors by their types and were able to obtain a sequence-like sociogram of the transaction network.
That means the culprit's psychogram is at the same time the sociogram of the society.
Complete proceedings of the FGD including level of participation and sociogram were noted, and these sessions were electronically recorded.
These activities include the Whai Tikanga Pleasant Events Schedule (also aligned with Te Whare Tapa Wha) and a Korurangi (a culturally relevant sociogram for identifying supports and quality of relationships).
As preparation for the Heart-Centered Energetic Psychodrama session, the client creates a sociogram, representing the client's significant people in his/her life; this is helpful for seeing emotional engagement, as the client can visibly see the family roles and dynamics.
Husky Energy (located in the south-east of the sociogram) is a noteworthy exception.
The SPSS[R] version 23 and Smart-PLS software were used to analyze composition data; UCINET[R] 6.485 was used to calculate sociometric indicators, dyadic correlation, and regression analyses; and PAJEK[R] 3 was used to develop the sociogram.
A sociogram was constructed to determine if the relationships between the lions are impacted by their individual personalities.
The sociogram shows the brokers in the network as smaller points, i.e., nodes with higher structural autonomy.
The Sociogram: The Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships in Higher Education.
This contributed, in some measure and in an artificial (and, it could be said, spurious) way, to the thickening of certain linking lines in the sociogram in Figure 1.