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Noun1.record hop - an informal dance where popular music is played
dance - a party for social dancing
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com 2 IT'S A SOCK HOP Celebrate Easter with Miffy the cute bunny, socks PS4.
If you were still putting on your poodle skirt expecting to be invited to a sock hop on a Friday night, people might think you were nuts.
ARE YOU READY for some white hot, sock hop, flip top,
50 8 PILLOW TALK RAISE the anchor with this cushion, PS12 by Little Home at John Lewis 9 SOCK HOP EARN your stripes in these Falke trainer socks, PS9, Topshop 10 JOLLY BROLLY WHEN you can't get out of the rain, tackle it in style under this nautical umbrella, PS8, BHS
Featuring music by Red Thunder with a sock hop theme.
As well as performing on stage, they will be helping out with karaoke, a sock hop dinner dance, and an Osmonds trivia quiz.
It's as if the old geezers are now the most popular dance partners at the sock hop .
From a 50th Birthday Bash Boat on Sarasota Bay to a Sock Hop at the Classic Car Museum, a Sunset Dinner on Manasota Key to an exciting production of Anything Goes, these parties put the fun into fund-raising.
Think of her day-to-day look as a fabulous fusion of equestrian preppy, '50s sock hop and elegant eccentricity.
John Travolta took on disco and the sock hop in Saturday Night Fever and Grease, while Gregory Hines showed us some classic tap in White Knights and Cotton Club.
Join the fun, solve the mystery and discover who will drop before the sock hop.