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Noun1.record hop - an informal dance where popular music is played
dance - a party for social dancing
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Over 100 area seniors turned back the clock last week, spending the evening at a "Fifties Sock Hop" at the Pavilion in Marion.
And, if your overnight bag needs replacing the Nikko, PS65, has plenty of room for all your essentials, DO THE SOCK HOP BEST known for its traditional Argyle pattern, the autumn/winter range from Burlington adopts a striking modern look with bright colours, patterns, print and details.
Be prepared to dance all night long at the Sock Hop.
From bunnies and chicks to chocs, we have something for everyone to enjoy 1 RABBIT RUN Bring some fun to Easter morning in this Bella plush bunny twosie set, was PS18, now PS8, 2 IT'S A SOCK HOP Celebrate Easter with Miffy the cute bunny, socks PS4.99, H&M 3 A NEW FLAME Brighten up the Easter dinner table with these bunny candles, PS2.50 for two, Primark 4 BRANCH OUT Thought wreaths were just for Christmas?
If you were still putting on your poodle skirt expecting to be invited to a sock hop on a Friday night, people might think you were nuts.
ARE YOU READY for some white hot, sock hop, flip top,
Hayloft Steppers Square Dance Club "Sock Hop 50's night, Caller will be Ted Lizotte & Matt Auger and the cuer will be Birgit Maguire.
Featuring music by Red Thunder with a sock hop theme.
In a book coming out this winter, It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, Boyd argues that teenagers aren't doing much online that's very different from what kids did at the sock hop, the roller rink, or the mall.
Holiday and Theme Events: Birthday parties; holiday open house; holiday lights tour; Valentine's Day dance or dinner (if you have widowed clients, these may be very welcome ideas); Fifties sock hop; Roaring Twenties bash; caroling at Christmastime.
As well as performing on stage, they will be helping out with karaoke, a sock hop dinner dance, and an Osmonds trivia quiz.
It's as if the old geezers are now the most popular dance partners at the sock hop ...