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An island of Yemen in the Indian Ocean at the mouth of the Gulf of Aden. Known to the ancient Greeks, it came under British protection in 1886 and joined South Yemen (now Yemen) in 1967.
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(səˈkəʊtrə) ,




(Placename) an island in the Indian Ocean, about 240 km (150 miles) off Cape Guardafui, Somalia: administratively part of Yemen. Capital: Hadiboh (Tamrida). Area: 3100 sq km (1200 sq miles)
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or So•ko•tra

(soʊˈkoʊ trə, ˈsɒk ə trə)

an island of the Republic of Yemen in the Indian Ocean, S of Arabia: 1382 sq. mi. (3579 sq. km).
So•co′tran, n., adj.
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Other MSA languages include Mehri, Harsusi, Ba?hari, Hobyot and Socotri (1).
Eastern MSA (Jibbali and Socotri) As seen in the classification above, Jibbali is one of the Western MSA languages which as a group belongs to West Semitic.
In addition to Arabic, the ancient, unwritten and pre-Islamic Socotri language was also preserved and is still widely spoken.
The Socotri people speak a language, Socotri, or Saqatari as they call it, which has no written form.
Socotri is one of several thousand oral languages that exist around the world without a script, which makes them vulnerable to extinction if their speakers adopt more dominant languages and cultures, as is happening in Socotra.
8 See also Testen (1993a) for discussion of the Modern South Arabian languages Jibbali and Socotri.
"We managed to endorse respect for Mahari and Socotri languages and promote them as national heritage, which I consider as a personal achievement," said Badr Kalshat member of the NDC from Al-Mahra.
The ancient unwritten Socotri language was celebrated at a recent poetry competition that awarded the island's best poets.
Although administratively the island follow Hadramout governorate the island people have maintained their very distinctive culture and even language (Socotri), and were not exposed to the modern day civilization except for a small percentage in the main towns.
The ministers were Awadh al Socotri of Electricity and Energy, Yahya al Shuaibi of Civil Service and Insurance, Ahmed al Kuhlani, Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Affairs, Nabil al Faqih of Tourism, Mansour al Hawshabi of Agriculture and Irrigation and Hamoud Ubad of Youth and Sports and the deputies were Rashad al Alimi and Sadiq Abu Ras.
Minister for Electricity and Energy Awadh al Socotri held talks on Friday in India's capital New Delhi with Indian Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah.