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[Japanese sodoku : so, rat, mouse, variant of sho (from Middle Chinese ʂiə̆ʔ, of Old Chinese origin) + doku, poison (from Early Middle Chinese dəwk, from Old Chinese *dûk; akin to Tibetan dug and Burmese ə-tok).]
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Noun1.sodoku - the form of ratbite fever occurring in the Far Eastsodoku - the form of ratbite fever occurring in the Far East
ratbite fever - either of two infectious diseases transmitted to humans by the bite of a rat or mouse; characterized by fever and headache and nausea and skin eruptions
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In the realm of puzzles, King has taken the unique approach of taking three of the most popular crossword and Soduku features and offering them as app-ready modules: Crossword Module and Soduku Module.
Visiting a museum, art gallery, or taking on the toughest crossword or Soduku challenge you can find, will be just what your mind demands.
Students also played math games, such as Soduku, Math 24 and Tangrams.