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also Su·ra·ba·ja  (so͝or′ə-bä′yə)
A city of northeast Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea. It is an important naval base.


(ˌsʊərəˈbaɪə) or


(Placename) a port in Indonesia, on E Java on the Surabaya Strait: the country's second port and chief naval base; university (1954); fishing and ship-building industries; oil refinery. Pop: 2 599 796 (2000). Former spelling: Soerabaja


or Su•ra•ba•ja

(ˌsʊər əˈbɑ yə)

a seaport on NE Java, Indonesia. 2,483,871.
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Any disciplinary actions were turned over to the Kempeitai and important findings were sent to the Naval Special Service Department in Soerabaya.
As an example of the material sent by the Kami Agency from the Hollandia area to Soerabaya, a report on the Topographical Description of Hollandia was included as part of Intelligence Report No 1 sent on 27 December 1943, with sections devoted to geography, climate, natural features, population, education, administrative organisation, and so on.
94 Report of Police Inspector Van Leeuwen in Jombang, Soerabaya, 7 Nov.