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Noun1.Sophia Loren - Italian film actress (born in 1934)
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And who would forget gorgeous movie stars Sofia Loren, Gina Lolobrigida or Brigitte Bardot?
Sofia Loren Deliu, who stood up to acknowledge the Chief Executive.
President Duterte has told Senior Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu to get out of the Presidential Security Group and be near where her husband is assigned so they can lead normal lives and have babies.
The President has congratulated the newlyweds -- Police Senior Inspector Sofia Loren Deliu and Police Inspector Abdul Bassar Abdurajak -- and wished them a long marriage filled with love and respect.
The movie also stars veteran Cinzia Monreale whose career has seen her work with visionary Italian directors including Lucio Fulci (The Beyond) and Dario Argento (The Stendhal Syndrome) as well as acting alongside screen legends such as Sofia Loren.
" I was inspired by old Hollywood of the ' 50s and ' 60s -- gorgeous, sexy women like Sofia Loren, Bianca Jagger during the ' 70s and the music of Studio 54 in New York.
This hotel was frequented by the hoi polloi of a bygone era, with signed photos of Sean Connery, Sofia Loren, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and more.
A section of child portraits opens in 1913 with a pinched and pale El Greco-esque Penitent Magdalene cast in a Picasso Blue Period light--a rare example of a working class subject--and closes in 1970 with a dazzlingly bright portrait of Carletto Ponti, son of Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti (his parents didn't like it).