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a patch for covering a crack in a metallic vessel, as a steam boiler, consisting of soft material, as putty, covered and held in place by a plate bolted or riveted fast.

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We found, however, as we advanced that this portion of the moor is intersected with soft patches, and, though we frequently lost sight of the track, we always succeeded in picking it up once more.
Lack of gravel depth contributing to poor driving conditions including roughness, excess dust and soft patches.
It sees soft patches fitted to newborn babies and deteriorating responses trigger a SMS text alert that is sent to the supervising healthcare worker, bringing an emergency medical response.
The humidity was such that it just made more water, and that meant it was patchy, with too many soft patches to be able to run the meeting.
As for the soft patches in the economy, Starks cites factors such as slowing manufacturing growth, a flattening in the housing market, and contraction in consumer spending, which has been evident in retail sales numbers.
Admittedly, soft patches, bare patches and repaired divots are not always conducive to a fluent, passing game.
When I walked round this morning it was a combination of soft, with good to soft patches, but I'm leaving it as soft as there's more rain coming this week, although no more than 17mm in total is forecast.
Soft patches typically use a combination of rubber sheet material, rags, oakum, marline, wire, various size wedges, and canvas.
Earlier this week Clerk of the course Ed Gretton listed the going as good, with good to soft patches.
The past year was tough on tech stocks because corporations were cautious about spending due to the soft patches in the economy.
The jockeys yesterday were describing the going as heavy and we declared on good with good to soft patches.