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or soft-core  (sôft′kôr′, sŏft′-)
1. Being less explicit than hard-core material in depicting or describing sexual activity: softcore pornography.
2. Moderate: a softcore sports fan.
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Using the GNU GCC tool chain and Eclipse IDE to program the Nios II, developers can take advantage of soft core processors previously only available on ASICs with custom chip sets.
The new design also reduces logic resource utilization by over one fifth that of the original UltraController design with four times lower power consumption than competing soft core implementations.
You have to be very precise with the underscore towards the end of the address to avoid a pot pourri of architecture, art and really tiresome soft core.
Alcatel's Technology Licensing Group has expanded its suite of Ethernet media access controller (MAC) core products with a 10Gb reusable MAC soft core.
The M8051E-Warp soft core was easy to work with, providing our design team with excellent code quality.