Soft crab

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(Zool.) any crab which has recently shed its shell.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The soft crab and scallop in some coconut sauce was very good.
The new dishes include a heart-warming bowl of creamy butternut squash soup topped with soft crab meat to start, as well as a fully loaded chicken burger made with seasoned chargrilled chicken topped with melted cheese, creamy slaw, crispy fried pommes frites and Catch22's secret sauce, all accompanied with an essential portion of wedge fries.
The pillowy, soft crab claw had already been shelled, and arranged on top of it were a few pieces of goose liver.
Within minutes a sensational seafood platter appeared which included salmon cake with onion, cucumber and dill, tandoori shrimp and crab chutney with deep fried soft crab. The crab was unlike anything I had ever sampled and the salmon was beyond tender that it was devoured instantly.After cleaning our plates, the chef's favourite was brought to the table, a lamb shank with spinach sauce on a bed of biriyani rice and topped off with citrus, lime foam.
This rod (pictured) has a supple tip to prevent soft crab baits from cracking off during a powerful cast but with ample power in the mid-section and butt.
Because a hard crab will kill and eat a soft crab, the shedding tanks must be carefully watched 'round the clock and the shedding crabs removed to another tank.
This quirky toy will give your cat hours of fun with a soft crab to bat around and swinging toys suspended from a stuffed palm tree.
Across the table, my partner tucked into soft crab (PS7.30), crispy and deepfried in a light batter served with soy dipping sauce, served up on a bamboo plate on a bed of lettuce and cucumber.
The soft crab specialty is marketed in sizes ranging from mediums (3.5 to 4 inches tip to tip, packed 10-5 dozen) to whales (5.5 inches and up, packed 10-1-1/2 dozen).
The blue crab is a conspicuous member of coastal ecosystems along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts and the species supports important recreational and commercial fisheries for both hard and soft crabs (Guillory et al., 2001).