Soft patch

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a patch for covering a crack in a metallic vessel, as a steam boiler, consisting of soft material, as putty, covered and held in place by a plate bolted or riveted fast.

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Aside from the soft patch linked to spending delays around the EU referendum, construction companies have now experienced their longest period of falling workloads since early 2013.
This move defied consensus expectations but is consistent with the general soft patch in economic data that we've seen over the last month or so.
SPENDING MORE Households' spending showed "renewed signs of life" in September after hitting a soft patch during the run-up to the Brexit vote, a report has found.
After a break of nearly a year for a PS300,000 refurbishment of the mile straight, the Norfolk course resumed racing last Sunday but the track had to be narrowed due to concerns about a soft patch of ground near the winning post.
There are also some indicators suggesting that the economy has hit a soft patch.
manufacturing is beginning to emerge from a long soft patch, bolstered by stronger domestic demand that will offset weakness in exports.
Markit's senior economist, Tim Moore, commented "The latest survey highlights renewed vitality within the UK construction sector, as output growth picked up further from the soft patch seen at the end of 2014.
The GDP (gross domestic product) numbers for the second quarter (July-September) due next week will see growth hit a soft patch from April-June quarter's 5.
Summary: US retail sales rose more than expected in May and first-time applications for jobless benefits fell last week, suggesting the economy was squeezing out of a recent soft patch.
hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws&q=soft+patch) soft patch " excuse to explain away the inexplicable failure of the Obama administration to look after job creation in the United States.
Shum said the latest rise in oil prices should be viewed with caution "as the latest jobs data indicates that the US economy may be entering a soft patch of slower recovery".
David Ost, North West Regional Director at EEF, said: "Manufacturing indicators hit a soft patch at the end of last year as events in global markets weighed on confidence and held back orders growth in some sectors.