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How my fool of a soft-headed soft-hearted brother would rage if he knew how cunningly I have saved his pocket.
In the time of Baron Stott-Wartenheim we had a lot of soft-headed people running this Embassy.
Lord Triton is precisely the man: full of plans for making the people happy in a soft-headed sort of way.
Sometimes it is not clear who McCabe's dialogue partners/targets are supposed to be, though in view of the number of backhanded comments he permits himself from time to time they might be supposed to be primarily soft-headed Christians.
Americans, especially conservatives, love to mock their northern neighbour: For its accent, its apologetic manners, its food (oh, poutine) - and above all, for its supposedly soft-headed, pinko style of government.
The Happy Brush is a small, soft-headed brush with a ring-shaped, non-toxic rubber handle that can be grasped by an infant and also used by an adult to clean infant teeth.
Here is the passage that possibly led O'Shea to this judgment: 'By a little scheming the soft-hearted, soft-headed captain was got to pay special attention to one of the younger nuns.
But Valco's star buys are still the soft-hearted deli counter lady Margaret (Rita May) and soft-headed shelf stacker Leighton (Joel Fry).
com's Howard Kurtz, Buffett said the move to buy newspapers is "not a soft-headed business decision" (as some have portrayed it).
This film meets two women soft-hearted and soft-headed enough to fall for the lies of men they'd never met.
He closes with an assessment of Germans heading into 1946 facing myriad unpleasant choices and the humbling new normality of occupation, The dangers of a soft-headed empathy or a selective "historicization" on the one hand, or a Germanophobic attack on the other, have reliably provoked scholarly debates on modern German history.
Judge Edward Lodge, who didn't buy a bit of the jury's soft-hearted and soft-headed verdict, gave Dallas 30 years in the pen.