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or soft-core  (sôft′kôr′, sŏft′-)
1. Being less explicit than hard-core material in depicting or describing sexual activity: softcore pornography.
2. Moderate: a softcore sports fan.
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Three options were provided: hardcore pornography, softcore pornography, and nonsexual material.
According to Canberra Times, the tribunal found that most of the material was softcore pornography and no more salacious than material that might be viewed on free to air television almost any night of the week.
My assumption is that King's class and gender paradigms proved useful to later producers in that they provided the ideological "cover" that made it possible to disseminate softcore pornography in mainstream outlets like premium cable and major video chains.
Well, not any more folks because five is set to drop the last remnant of its softcore pornography programme after comments made by Adam Faith on his death bed were made public.
But softcore pornography was not thought to be involved.