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Noun1.Trionychidae - soft-shelled turtlesTrionychidae - soft-shelled turtles      
reptile family - a family of reptiles
pancake turtle, soft-shelled turtle - voracious aquatic turtle with a flat flexible shell covered by a leathery skin; can inflict painful bites
genus Trionyx, Trionyx - type genus of the Trionychidae
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Like most softshells, the Asiatic softshell is a prolific egg layer.
They are blamed for destroying New England's softshell clam fishery.
If your needs are two-dimensional, then ChemWindow by Softshell International Ltd.
Although tropical fish and spiny softshell turtles inhabit the forest's ponds and aquariums, the focus of the exhibit is plant life.
A little more than two years ago, Craig Shelley, president of Softshell, Grand Junction, CO, decided to upgrade his Macintosh-based chemical modeling program, ChemIntosh.
ABSTRACT During the past 40 y, commercial production of softshell clams, Mya arenaria, in the soft-bottom intertidal zone in Maine, United States, has decreased nearly 75% whereas dockside revenues have increased ca.
Contributors to the campaign will receive Tympani with a softshell carrying case, plus the Caring Things companion app.
Meanwhile, a string ensemble played a series of soothing instrumentals as the guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner of softshell crab and smoked salmon salad; Angus beef tenderloin medallion coupled with poached Chilean sea bass; and strawberry shortcake truffle, caramel mousse and macarons.
Organisers have dished out softshell tracksuits to 15,000 helpers who'll work at the 2014 venues next month.
As well as providing good face protection from extreme climates, this softshell mask has an integral polyurethane ventilator, which helps to manage moisture from exhalation.