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n. & v. i.1.Var. of Soldier.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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De soger trygheden: Kvinder ramt af hjemloshed i Nuuk [They are seeking safety: Women hit by homelessness in Nuuk], Psyke & Logos 38(1):23-33.
Ensuite, il acquiert la SOGER (Societe Generale des routes maghrebines) et rachete les etablissements Gouvernec (emballages metalliques) ainsi que la SMIM et la SMEET au Groupe ONA, les tuileries et Briqueteries du Maroc et la societe marocaine d'explosifs au Groupe Mohamed Karim Lamrani.
'Bloomfield/Tune "My soger Laddie"' appears next across pp.
Quant a la reception de l'AS New Soger, elle interviendra demain a 19h30 [beaucoup plus grand que], precise la meme source.
Morten Soger, director of global alliances at Xstream, a premium provider of OTT and TV Everywhere services, said that surging regional growth in connected devices penetration presents tremendous content and monetisation opportunities for innovative firms.
In her happiness at seeing the Union troops, the woman's daughter had said "I'm gwine to marry a Linkum soger" (87).
The soger spurred up and rid on, but I was mad as furry, and had Zeke 'rested, right off.
(85) Tactical exercises by the Militia frequently drew large crowds of spectators, who came to cheer the military prowess of their "soger boys." (86) The Militia consciously played up to the widespread interest in things military.
(21) Specifically, Amy has declared her intent "to marry a Linkum soger" and set up housekeeping with him (87), and so the Secessionist soldiers try her and hang her for uttering incendiary words.
He took her to Staten Island, Where the sogers sleep in tents, And her cruel heart was konkered By the Dutch regiments.
Vargas, "A Reevaluation of the Reasons for the Enlistment and Causes of Desertion in the United States Army, 1821-1825" (master's thesis, University of Maryland, 1987); and Dale Richard Steinhauer, "'Sogers' Enlisted Men in the U.S.