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n. & v. i.1.Var. of Soldier.
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Ensuite, il acquiert la SOGER (Societe Generale des routes maghrebines) et rachete les etablissements Gouvernec (emballages metalliques) ainsi que la SMIM et la SMEET au Groupe ONA, les tuileries et Briqueteries du Maroc et la societe marocaine d'explosifs au Groupe Mohamed Karim Lamrani.
Bloomfield/Tune "My soger Laddie"' appears next across pp.
Quant a la reception de l'AS New Soger, elle interviendra demain a 19h30 [beaucoup plus grand que], precise la meme source.
Morten Soger, director of global alliances at Xstream, a premium provider of OTT and TV Everywhere services, said that surging regional growth in connected devices penetration presents tremendous content and monetisation opportunities for innovative firms.
The soger spurred up and rid on, but I was mad as furry, and had Zeke 'rested, right off.