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Noun1.soil conditioner - a chemical substance used to improve the structure of the soil and increase its porosity; "gypsum can be used as a soil conditioner"
chemical, chemical substance - material produced by or used in a reaction involving changes in atoms or molecules
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The dispersive action caused by certain soil amendments used for soil acidity correction can be intensified in no-tillage systems due to stratification and concentration of surface-applied materials within the top few centimetres of the soil profile (Costa et al.
Previous studies have shown that soil amendments with plant materials of members of family Brassicaceae significantly reduced disease incidence caused by fungal pathogens (Subbarao et al.
That's why scientist and farmer Ray Nielsen launched Green World Path in 2007, and is now developing a new line of all-organic fertilizers, soil amendments, pest- and weed-control solutions, and related products.
However, soil amendments should be evenly incorporated into the planting area and not added directly to the planting hole.
SIALKOT -- Punjab Agriculture department has evolved a comprehensive plan for improving productivity and profitability through soil diagnostics for the promotion of balanced use of macro and micro fertilizers and soil amendments.
The women scholars who have been awarded PhD degrees included Nighat Sana Do Abdul Hameed in the subject of Agricultural Sciences after approval of her thesis entitled Management of Collar Rot of Chilies by Bio fertilizers and Soil Amendments under abiotic stress of Chromium, Fariha Zakria Rizvi Do Syed Muhammad Zakria Rizvi in the subject of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics after approval of her thesis entitled Indigenous Chromium Resistant Bacteria: Some Molecular Investigations of Their Chromate Detoxification Mechanism and Nosheena Tahseen Do Mushtaq ur Rehman Saddiqui in the subject of Education after approval of her thesis entitled Effect of Organizational Justice on Faculty Trust and Citizenship Behavior in Teacher-Education Faculties.
That's free food, plain and simple, since we grow it in the yard with no soil amendments at all.
Soil amendments fundamentally alter the structure of soil, making nutrients more available by changing the way soil passes micronutrients and water along to plants.
I do not recommend introducing any soil amendments or additives, such as fertilier or vitamins.
Properties of several fly ash materials in relation to use as soil amendments.
The use of plants and animal materials as soil amendments to provide nutrients and in place of synthetic substances would be more sustainable with minimum damage to the environment.
Because soil amendments are simple and require little energy to improve the physical properties of any garden and crop system, it is preferable to use major amendments when working to provide top-notch soil.