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or Su·khu·mi  (so͝ok′ə-mē, so͝oKH′-)
A city of western Georgia on the Black Sea west-northwest of Tbilisi. The administrative capital of the republic of Abkhazia, it is the center of an Abkhazian secessionist movement.
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Special attention was paid to Russia's recent steps towards actual annexation of the occupied territories of Georgia, namely, the so-called Russian Federation The ratification of the Agreement on the unification of illegal military units in the Russian Armed Forces of Tskhinvali region as well as the so-called" Opening of customs points in Sokhumi and Akhalgori.
htm) when he was granted nationality by President Vladimir Putin , arrived in Abkhazia's capital of Sokhumi.
After receiving considerable assistance from mercenaries from the Northern Caucasus, the Baltic States, Cossacks from the southern provinces of Russia, and military aid and support from the Russian military bases in Abkhazia, the Abkhazians managed to retake Sokhumi in September 1993.
Calling on all sides to refrain from violence and try to ease the ongoing tensions, Ferrero-Waldner argued for a new format of peace talks between Tbilisi and Sokhumi.