Solar hour

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the twenty-fourth part of a solar day.

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where [delta], [phi], [gamma], and [omega] represent declination, latitude, azimuth angle, and solar hour angle, respectively.
The angle of sun with the horizontal is (90 + solar hour angle) before solar noon and (180--solar hour angle) after solar noon.
The direct radiation is empirical established depending on the extraterrestrial radiation, the medium solar constant, the day number during a year, the distortion factor, the solar altitude angle, the solar declination, the latitude angle, the solar hour angle, and the local solar time.
Solar Hour. Undoubtedly, solar radiation depends on the location of the sun in the sky during the day.
The company has integrated second-life BMW i3 batteries to store energy from the grid generated during peak solar hours and later use that stored energy to fast-charge EVgo customers during periods of high demand.
Above all this, the pinnacle is a stone globe mounted on ironwork showing solar hours.