Solar prominences

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(Astron.) See Solar Protuberances, under Protuberance.

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See sunspots and solar prominences in remarkable detail.
Caption: ON THE CUTTING EDGE John Sanford (far left) and other participants in the 8th annual RTMC in 1976 viewed solar prominences through an H-alpha filter attached to an 8-inch Celestron scope.
Also a few reddish solar prominences (flame-like ejections, but today none so large or dramatic as a solar flare).
Solar prominences follow the sun's magnetic field and can break off to form a coronal mass ejection (CME).
on'sun is at its most active this summer, and visitors will be able to see sun spots and solar prominences.
According to Turner and colleagues, the magnetic atmospheres are similar to what takes place on the surface of our sun, where moving magnetic field lines spur tremendous solar prominences to flare up in big loops.
Quiescent solar prominences and filaments are those features in solar atmosphere which show material flows and oscillations.
The unusual solar prominences include a giant disc that rotates for several hours, feathery streamers as long as fifty Earths, a super-heated jet striking the top of a prominence and twisted ribbons flowing in opposite directions at a million kilometers per hour.
The Sun had a number of small spots that we were able to show the visitors using the refractor and throughout the day there were solar prominences that the Coronado was able to pick up.
That allows you to see magnificent solar prominences, which
It concludes by showing how spheromak ideas are closely related to the physics of solar prominences and interplanetary magnetic clouds.