Soldiers of God

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Noun1.Soldiers of God - an Islamic extremist group of Kurds who oppose secular control with bombings and assassinations; believed to have ties with al-Qaeda
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
Kurdistan - an extensive geographical region in the Middle East to the south of the Caucasus
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The first major Baluchi organization fighting Iran was formed in the 1990s as Jundollah (Soldiers of God) with leadership from the Rigi clan.
Jaish al-Adl was formed in 2012 as a successor to the extremist group Jundallah ('Soldiers of God'), which waged a deadly insurgency for a decade before it was severely weakened by the capture and execution of its leader Abdolmalek Rigi by Tehran in 2010.
The Islamist terrorist organization was founded in 2012 by members of the Jundallah, or "Soldiers of God." Both groups have repeatedly carried out attacks on military targets and civilians in recent years.
Speaking to scores of citizens, political officials and prominent figures through a giant screen, Nasrallah said, "It is Liberation Day that we are celebrating in the city of Hermel today, which suffered its share of risks, threats, rocket attacks and car bombs, but did not change...for the true factor of victory is how to be the soldiers of God." He paid tribute to the people of the region for their generous sacrifices in this respect.
In July 2015, he released a voice note calling for different groups to counter the Egyptian regime, accusing it of killing "soldiers of God", "fighting our religion", and killing "our men and women".
BAGHDAD / NINA / Intelligence of the Interior ministry announced the arrest of eight persons belonging to a religious group adopts extremist ideas call itself / Jundallah (soldiers of God)/.
A banned militant group "Jundallah" (Soldiers of God) claimed responsibility for the attack.
" 17 people were murdered in Paris by fanatics who were self-proclaimed "soldiers of God" and were driven simultaneously by hatred and revenge.
The group, Jandullah (Soldiers of God), a terrorist group once financed by Pakistan Army and linked to Pakistani Taliban admitted that it carried out the bombing.
Another Sunni militant group, Jundallah, Arabic for Soldiers of God, has also launched deadly attacks on civilians and officials in the southeast.
"If the government is not able to seriously and urgently capture [or kill] him, this will be our job, we, the soldiers of God upon earth," he said in a statement on his website.
"Right to education is an Islamic right and those who call themselves as soldiers of God are killing girls, but at the same time that God has given us the right to have education.

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