contract killing

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Noun1.contract killing - a murder carried out on agreement with a hired killer
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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Jones, formerly of the 700 block of River Road in Des Plaines, originally was charged with four counts of solicitation of murder for hire, two counts of solicitation of murder and attempted first-degree murder.
Frazee is facing two counts of ( first-degree murder , three counts of solicitation of murder, and tampering with a deceased body in the death of Berreth.
Enhances sanctions for vehicular homicide Creates stronger penalties for solicitation of murder Strengthen laws on solicitation, enticement and conspiracy to commit crimes [divider] Expectations are that the legislation will dramatically cut spending.
But a jury found Smyer guilty of second-degree murder in Crystal's killing, first-degree murder of the fetus, two counts of solicitation of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit a crime.
'"This is insane, this is unacceptable, this is attempted murder.'" Jocelyn was moved to Split Mountain, a juvenile center, and charged with solicitation of murder, which would have been a felony if she were an adult.
Silk Road was shut down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in early October when its founder Ross William Ulbricht was arrested for suspicion of drug trafficking, solicitation of murder and money laundering.
Adel Daoud faces multiple charges, including solicitation of murder or attempted murder for allegedly trying to kill the agent, who the U.S.
Instead, gang members alert police, who disguise themselves as biker thugs and secretly tape a conversation with her, leading to the wife's arrest and ultimate conviction for solicitation of murder.