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tr.v. tes·sel·lat·ed, tes·sel·lat·ing, tes·sel·lates
To form into a mosaic pattern, as by using small squares of stone or glass.

[From Latin tessellātus, of small square stones, from tessella, small cube, diminutive of tessera, a square; see tessera.]

tes′sel·la′tion n.
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1. the act of tessellating
2. (Building) the form or a specimen of tessellated work
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decoration composed of multi-colored, small tiles, as found in a mosaic.
See also: Ornamentation
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Noun1.tessellation - the careful juxtaposition of shapes in a pattern; "a tessellation of hexagons"
juxtaposition, collocation, apposition - the act of positioning close together (or side by side); "it is the result of the juxtaposition of contrasting colors"
2.tessellation - the act of adorning with mosaic
decoration - the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive)
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"The whole industry was moving to solid modeling," said Frank Rubino, president.
The software, which includes 3D scan data processing and parametric solid modeling, creates CAD models for use on SolidWorks, PTC Creo (Pro/E), Siemens NX, CATIA V4/V5, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Inventor, platforms.
The new vertical solution is based on ThinkDesign, which boasts well-known features such as hybrid modelling, capable of managing solids and surfaces with absolute transparency; Interactive Solid Modeling (ISM), which allows modifications to be made to both native and imported solid models moving away from the necessarily parametric logic (history-independent model editing); and Zone Modeling, for warpage* correction (*distorsion of the molded part).
But the earlier product line was designed without the benefit of solid modeling, so the company did not have a definitive record of its geometry.
Capability: SpaceClaim LT and LTX are general-purpose, two-dimensional and three-dimensional solid modeling tools.
Kao and Lin (1998) proposed a collaborative CAD/CAM system (COCADCAM) that includes surface modeling, tool path simulation and post-processing, and CAD geometry co-editing, but no solid modeling. Collaborative Solid Modeling (Chan, Wong and Ng, 1999) allows sharing and editing of a solid model over the web synchronously, but requires a solid modeler at each client.
Solid modeling thermoplastic and thermoset molds for recreational, automotive, appliance, agricultural, medical and telecommunications industries.
The school system has installed30 seats of SolidWorks software in each of its 17 high schools to open a window for juniors and seniors to quickly learn solid modeling fundamentals.
A streamlined, efficient user interface, including AutoCAD-standard dialogs, provides real-time previews of all solid modeling operations, as well as flexible command access via toolbar and/or pulldown menus, command line typing, and AutoSolids' 3D Command Center.
One of the big changes over the past few years has been the ever-increasing use of solid modeling for designing parts.