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n.1.A loft or garret. See Solar, n.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Their road to the finals under headcoach Mari Cabalfin saw a 5-2 wrap-up over Solido Orange in the semifinals while Crocs FC earned its ticket after beating Solido Violet, 3-2 via penalty shootout.
A pesar que los materiales MC-SiCo5 y 10Co/MC-Si tienen un contenido metalico similar, el solido preparado por impregnacion fue menos activo respecto al material obtenido mediante la incorporacion del cobalto en el gel de sintesis.
High-performance blended cement brand Solido is its latest offering designed as a better alternative for infrastructure building to the commonly used ordinary Portland cement.
Ram Maganti, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Innovation of Holcim Philippines, said the new product called Solido has clear advantages over OPC that makes it a better choice in building infrastructures in the country.In terms of performance, Solido-made concrete is more durable as it is less prone to water and chemical seepage that causes deterioration from within.
a) La identificacion del origen y cadena de valor del residuo solido del bien.--Los bienes son los aceites comestibles que se fabrican y comercializan para usarlos en la preparacion de los alimentos.