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Exhibiting or requiring the exercise of great wisdom, especially in making difficult decisions.
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(ˌsɒl əˈmɒn ɪk)

also Sol•o•mo•ni•an

(-ˈmoʊ ni ən, -ˈmoʊn yən)

1. of or pertaining to King Solomon.
2. wise or reasonable in character: a Solomonic decision.
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Adj.1.Solomonic - exhibiting or requiring the wisdom of Solomon in making difficult decisions
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She imparted to this sentiment, in itself almost Solomonic, so extremely injurious and personal a character by levelling it straight at the visitor's head, that it became necessary to lead Mr F.'s Aunt from the room.
But through 'Solomonic' wisdom and good representation, YAYI did not come back to House of Representatives but was 'promoted' to the Nigerian Senate.
This Solomonic dilemma is the underlying theme in HBO's critically acclaimed series 'Succession' (Mondays, 9 a.m.), which returned for its second season this week.
In most companies, employers offer a severance package to such managers as a Solomonic solution.
A Solomonic ruling would provide a joint exploration of the area while placing the sovereignty to Somalia.
This Solomonic line supposedly lasted until Haile Selassie.
A congressman from the south said most of his colleagues had already accepted the "Solomonic" wisdom of the President in naming Cayetano and Velasco to divide the three-year term of speaker.
Huge walls surrounding country estates kept the world at bay and marked the delightful demesnes as each laird's very own Solomonic sanctuary.
Even their parents, who risked so much for an opportunity at a better life, might prefer their children have that opportunity even without them _ a Solomonic response to a cruel and unimaginable circumstance manufactured by the U.S.
As the movie opens, she's delivering a literally Solomonic verdict regarding a pair of conjoined twins, reminding the parents and their lawyers that "this court is a court of law, not of morals."
Going forward, let Solomonic wisdom be applied to address all the challenges the commission faces.
Normally, he adopts a Solomonic posture and interrogates both sides equally, but not this time.