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 (sō′lən, -lŏn′) 638?-559? bc.
Athenian lawgiver and poet. His reforms preserved a class system based on wealth but ended privilege by birth.


 (sō′lən, -lŏn′)
1. A wise lawgiver.
2. A legislator.

[After Solon.]
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(Biography) ?638–?559 bc, Athenian statesman, who introduced economic, political, and legal reforms
Solonian, Solonic adj
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(ˈsoʊ lən)

1. c638–c558 B.C., Athenian statesman.
2. (often l.c.) a wise lawgiver.
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Noun1.Solon - a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairssolon - a man who is a respected leader in national or international affairs
elder statesman - an elderly statesman whose advice is sought be government leaders
Founding Father - a member of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution in 1787
pol, political leader, politico, politician - a person active in party politics
stateswoman - a woman statesman
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To be clear: I am not arguing that either Solon or Herodotus is the sole antecedent to the Socratic tradition, nor that one cannot find older or more diverse sources for the constellation of themes that link Herodotus to Plato through what I shall call the Solonian legacy in Socrates.
Oswyn Murray, "The Solonian Law of Hubris," in Nomos: Essays in Athenian Law, Politics, and Society, ed.
And who is not grateful for revelation of the erotic implications of haggling over the price of shoes in Herodas's mimes, to say nothing of the author's explication of more familiar topics such as Solonian property classes, the trial of the Athenian generals at Arginusai, the value of rhetorical training, or the unequal exchange of armor between Diomedes and Glaukos in the Iliad?
(83) This reflection is inspired by Andreas Kalyvas' remarks during Q&A session after his keynote address "Solonian Citizenship: Democracy, Conflict, Participation" at the SSIS Graduate Conference at the University of Exeter on May 3, 2012.
The Tiger Who Wasn't is available in Cyprus, from all ELC stores, Moufflon Bookshop, Bookyard, Solonian and Mavromatis, and other good bookshops.For more information click on : or c
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However, the Marshal opposes these plans and murders an administrator from Earth and frames a young Solonian called Ky for the crime.