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 (sōl′zhə-nēt′sĭn, səl-zhə-nyē′tsĭn), Aleksandr Isayevich 1918-2008.
Soviet writer and dissident whose works, including One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962) and The Gulag Archipelago (1973-1975), exposed the brutality of the Soviet labor camp system. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970.


(ˌsɒlʒəˈnɪtsɪn; Russian səlʒəˈnitsin)
(Biography) Alexander Isayevich (alɪkˈsandr iˈsajɪvitʃ). 1918–2008, Russian novelist. His books include One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962), The First Circle (1968), Cancer Ward (1968), August 1914 (1971), The Gulag Archipelago (1974), and October 1916 (1985). His works criticize the Soviet regime and he was imprisoned (1945–53) and exiled to Siberia (1953–56). He was deported to the West from the Soviet Union in 1974; all charges against him were dropped in 1991 and he returned to Russia in 1994. Nobel prize for literature 1970


(ˌsoʊl ʒəˈnit sɪn, ˌsɔl-)

Aleksandr (Isayevich), born 1918, Russian novelist, in the U.S. 1974–94: Nobel prize 1970.
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Noun1.Solzhenitsyn - Soviet writer and political dissident whose novels exposed the brutality of Soviet labor camps (born in 1918)
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Morson shows how spiritually ambitious Alexander Solzhenitsyn was.
Described by Solzhenitsyn as "a narrative in discrete periods of time," The Red Wheel is comprised of four nodes.
Open competition: development of conceptual design exposition and exhibition complex of the new building of the state budget institution of culture of moscow house of russian emigre alexander solzhenitsyn a visualized concept
En los anos sesenta, setenta se hablo--muchas veces mal--sobre la leyenda de Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, escritor ruso (1918-2008) que estuvo preso en los campos de concentracion (les decian "campos de trabajo" o de "readaptacion") de la antigua Union Sovietica durante once anos, acusado de "actividades antisovieticas" y por "delitos de opinion".
BORN ALEKSANDR Solzhenitsyn, Russian writer, 1918 JOHN Kerry, US politician, 1943, above BRENDA Lee, US pop singer, 1944 DIED ARTHUR Mullard, UK comedian, 1995, above RAVI Shankar, Indian musician, 2012 MICHAEL Robbins, UK comic actor, 1992
In the first place, the world needs continuous reminding that the logic of totalitarianism is not simply a temporally or geo-culturally confined phenomenon, and that Solzhenitsyn will remain the indispensable guide to interpreting that phenomenon.
His review of my The Other Solzhenitsyn ["Solzhenitsyn Wasn't Western," Sept.
Solzhenitsyn no explicaba por que habia fracasado el comunismo ni discutia que clase de sociedad era aquella segun la patrologia marxista.
1994: Dissident writer Solzhenitsyn returns Alexander Solzhenitsyn has flown back to his native Russia after 20 years of exile in the United States.
Russia deports dissident Solzhenitsyn DISSIDENT Soviet writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 55, has had his citizenship revoked and he was deported to West Germany yesterday, Tass news agency said in Moscow.
1974: Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the Soviet Union.
ONE night in early August 2008, my daughter, then aged nineteen and staying in Devon, sent a text to my mobile phone: 'Alexander Solzhenitsyn died tonight.