Spectacled eider

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(Zool.) See Eider.

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2000: Contaminant Exposure and Biomarker Responses in spectacled eiders Somateria fischeri from St.
Spectacled Eider Somateria fischeri, Thick-billed Murre Uria lomvia) occupy isolated but seasonally predictable areas free of sea ice, where they feed on lipid-rich prey (Gaston and Hipfner, 2000; Lovvorn et al.
Indeed, use of open-water areas in the Bering Sea and the Sireniki Polynya by wintering spectacled eiders Somateria fischeri has only recently been discovered (Konyukhov et al.
We also identified several species of rare or threatened status in Russia and North America, including Branta bernicla, Somateria fischeri, Polysticta stelleri, and Rhodostethia rosea.
On a aussi identifie plusieurs especes classees rares ou menacees en Russie et en Amerique du Nord, y compris Branta bernicla, Somateria fischeri, Polysticta stelleri et Rhodostethia rosea.