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Couliano has shown how Renaissance thinkers were amazed by the somatical effects provoked by manifestations of Eros; they talked about the "vocation of suffering" or "the process of phantasmatic infection caused by the feminine image" (Couliano 1987: 22), and medieval writers trans formed the famous "love-sickness" into a main topic of their courtly literature.
What is of special value, equally for the new and the more informed readers of Frost's oeuvre, is Kosc's fresh somatical readings of overly familiar classics such as "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening", "The road not taken", "Home burial" or "Mending wall", and lesser-known poems, which are here also afforded close and passionate treatment.
In conclusion, PDE is the treatment of choice not only for ampullary carcinoma but also for adenoma with high grade dysplasia also for elderly persons in good somatical status; (3,17) for frail unfit persons (19) with distant metastases or miscellaneous contraindications for surgery remains endoscopic sphincterotomy and stenting a valide alternative of palliative treatment.