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 (sə-măt′ə-trō′pĭn, sō′mə-tə-) also so·mat·o·tro·phin (-trō′fĭn)
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(ˌsəʊmətəʊˈtrəʊfɪn) ,




(Biochemistry) other names for growth hormone
ˌsomatoˈtrophic, ˌsomatoˈtropic adj
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Noun1.somatotrophin - a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland; promotes growth in humans
endocrine, hormone, internal secretion - the secretion of an endocrine gland that is transmitted by the blood to the tissue on which it has a specific effect
Protropin - trade name of a synthetic human growth hormone given to children deficient in the hormone; use by athletes and weightlifters is banned
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Gender differences in regional body composition and somatotrophic influences of IGF-I and leptin.
The somatotrophic and corticotropic functions were evaluated by dynamic tests.
One possible explanation for the decrease in strength throughout adulthood may be the progressive decrease in activity of the functional axis of the somatotrophic mechanisms.
In addition, data about the predictive value of SSTR in the Chinese population are lacking, and the distribution patterns of SSTR in normal pituitary and somatotrophic adenomas have not been reported.
The somatotrophic axis in young steers: influence of nutritional status on pulsatile release of growth hormone and circulating concentrations of insulin-like growth factor 1.
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Influence of energy balance on the somatotrophic axis and matrix metalloproteinase expression in the endometrium of the postpartum dairy cow.
Likewise, mice with overexpression of GH have a reduced life expectancy, while animals with reductions in GH and other growth factors of the somatotrophic axis show the opposite [126, 129-131].
Pathologies of the somatotrophic axis must be excluded in a young patient with an acromegalic phenotype, before considering other differential diagnoses, such as pseudoacromegaly associated with severe insulin resistance or pachydermoperiostosis (3).
(1) Pituitary gland morphology is altered in many situations like Prolactinomas (60%), (2) somatotrophic adenoma(30%) (3) and pituitary adenomas which accounts for 10-15% of all diagnosed intracranial neoplasms.