Somerset Island

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Som·er·set Island

 (sŭm′ər-sĕt′, -sĭt)
An island of central Nunavut, Canada, in the Arctic Archipelago just north of the Boothia Peninsula.
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The Company is 100% owner of the 1,024,345-acres (414,537-hectares) Aston Bay Property located on western Somerset Island, Nunavut, which neighbours Teck's profitable, past-producing Polaris (Pb-Zn) Mine just 200km to the north.
In December 2017, National Geographic published a video of a young bear on Somerset Island, near Baffin Island, in Canadian Nunavut filmed in August of that year by members of an activist conservation organisation called Sea Legacy.
There are many ways to travel through the Northwest Passage west of Somerset Island, but Lancaster Sound is the only way in or out of the eastern end.
I WAS in tears reading the story about the polar bear who died from starvation on Canada's Somerset Island (Mirror, Dec 11).
The photo was shot on Somerset Island in the upper reaches of Canada.
Christie and Thorsteinsson (1970), and Somerset Island and northern Boothia Peninsula with A.D.
We were based on Somerset Island and what a beautiful place it is." They swam in crystal clear seas and watched shoals of fish three fathoms deep.
The team also used DNA gathered from relics found at the now-abandoned settlements of the Thule people (the likely ancestors of the Inuit) on Somerset Island on the western side of Prince Regent Inlet.
TheincidentoccurredasSmith was preparing Somerset Island for the journey home after the 33-1 chance had delighted connectionsbyfinishingthirdin thefour-year-oldnovicehurdle.
After separating from the balloon, SUNRISE parachuted safely down to Earth on June 14th, landing on Somerset Island, a large island in Canada's Nunavut Territory situated in the Northwest Passage, the seaway through the Arctic Ocean between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

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