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 (sŭm′ər-vĭl′), Mary Fairfax Greig 1780-1872.
British mathematician and astronomer whose Physical Geography (1848) won her international acclaim. The first women's college at Oxford University was funded by and named after her.


(Biography) Mary, original name Mary Fairfax. 1780–1872, British scientific writer, author of Physical Geography (1848) and other textbooks. Somerville College, Oxford, was named after her


(ˈsʌm ərˌvɪl)

a city in E Massachusetts. 70,070.
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Lord Somerville, speaking of what breeders have done for sheep, says:- 'It would seem as if they had chalked out upon a wall a form perfect in itself, and then had given it existence.
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Ryan Somerville, 34, of Woodvale in North Belfast, said he was lucky to be alive after a Japanese Akita tore at his face.
John Somerville had known Chopra and his family for years, and the former United forward gave evidence in court claiming drugs money was in fact his gambling debts.