v. t.1.To summon.
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Lynn and Karen Beasley with somne furry friends at |the santuary in Exhall Road, Keresley
If a property is valued at the right price, that's generally what it will sell for, with somne houses selling for less and the occasional one for more.
And there are somne thoughtful touches such as the umbrella restraining straps on the panel behind the rear passengers legs to round off the package.
For example, he readily makes the seemingly modern admission that "There is no speache so plaine and simple, but it hath somne peice of a figuratiue speache," but then he adds, "the common vse of the figure causeth it to be taken as a common propre speache" (Explication, sig.
No obstante, hay que completar el dato, senalando que la estrofa 42 zaratiana es ya una parafrasis de los versos ovidianos 623-625: "Somne, quies rerum, placidissime, Somne, deorum / Pax animi, quem cura fugit, qui corpora duris / Fessa ministeriis mulces reparasque labori" (T.
The straightforward hymnic aspects include the ingratiating appellation `iuvenis placidissime divum' (1), reminding the god of his gentle nature,(16) and the flattering notion of the god as a kind of universal benefactor (`donis ut solus egerem / Somne, tuis', 2-3).
126-7) and `Somne, quies rerum, placidissime, Somne, deorum' (Met.
And `donis ut solus egerem / Somne, tuis' (2-3), though ingratiating in the suggestion that the god is a universal benefactor, is also deeply reproachful since Statius points out that he alone is deprived of the god's usual gifts.
20) Is `te, Somne, repellit' (15) a parodic reversal of `te, Palinure, petens' (Virgil, Aen.
CHRIS COLEMAN admits that he could do with somne extra experience on the pitch to help his young Coventry City side become more consistent.
Somne runners (above) found themselves slowing to a walk after a while; RACE FOR ALL: Crowds races for the finish (above).