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 (sông′rī′tər, sŏng′-)
One who writes lyrics or tunes, or both, for songs. Also called songsmith, songster.


(Pop Music) a person who composes the words or music for songs in a popular idiom


(ˈsɔŋˌraɪ tər, ˈsɒŋ-)

a person who writes the music and often the words for songs.
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Noun1.songwriter - a composer of words or music for popular songssongwriter - a composer of words or music for popular songs
composer - someone who composes music as a profession
كاتِب أو مُلَحِّن أغانٍ
autor písní
autor piesní
şarkı sözü yazarı


[ˈsɒŋˌraɪtəʳ] Ncompositor(a) m/f (de canciones)


[ˈsɒŋˌraɪtəʳ] ncompositore/trice di canzoni


(soŋ) noun
1. something (to be) sung. He wrote this song for his wife to sing.
2. singing. He burst into song.
3. the sound(s) made by a bird. birdsong.
ˈsongbird noun
any of the types of bird which have a pleasant song.
ˈsongwriter noun
a person who writes songs (usually pop songs) for a living.
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Proud owner of one of the world's most prestigious and recognisable song writing repertoires, here's our rundown of a few tracks that you may or may not realize he's behind.
It was only last year that I started studying song writing with Berklee Music online, it has been an awesome experience so far and I am enjoying every minute," Sidani exclaims.
We have fun with our music and enjoy it, but in terms of song structure and the parts that make up the songs, whether it be hooks, melodies, a particular drum fill or whatever, there is a lot of attention to detail in the song writing.
Singer song-writer Liam said: "In August I started to get involved in the women's group run by Iona, and I was asked to do a song writing day with the girls.
They are Specials guitarist Roddy 'Radiation' Byers, ex-Selecter bassman Charley Anderson and Coventry's most successful song writing partnership Steve & Heather Taylor.
The book details the development of Dixon's song writing techniques from the 1940s through the early '70s and explores his philosophy of song writing and its social, historical and cultural background.
FOR more than 50 years song writing legend Neil Sedaka has entertained audiences on both sides of the pond, penning some of the best loved songs of a generation.
Bjorn Ulvaeus, one half of the song writing partnership behind Abba, spoke out in support of the much-criticised Irish actor.
The acknowledgement of song writing as an important tool in music therapy clinical work is clearly on the increase.
With solid song writing, stripped-down aggressive vocals and circle-pit inducing breakdowns, this record stays at the top of the stack.
It's the first song he's had out since his acrimonious split from song writing partner Guy Chambers and is markedly different for it.
Joined by long-term song writing partner Bernie Taupin, Sir Elton will also compose new material for the show, Rhapsody, which will be shown on Fox TV's Net channel.